We want you to know…

As of Friday, December 8th, InnerG became BioFit360 and began distributing our CBD products strictly through healthcare professionals who are part of the Health eLife network.

Some products have been renamed and all have a new look but they are still the same products you know and love.

InnerG Orangesicle = All Natural CBD Oil Isolate 1000 mg Orange Cream
InnerG Mint Chocolate
= All Natural CBD Oil Isolate 1000 mg Mint Chocolate
InnerG Vegan CBD Gummies
= Relax CBD Gummies – Vegan
InnerG Sore Muscle Cream = Relief CBD Cream

We apologize for any inconvenience this move may cause and don’t want to lose you as a customer. We also don’t want you to lose access to the relief that our products offer!

Health eLife is a nutrition and supplements company designed to support physicians, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Due to our history of alignment with medical professionals, we are adopting this new distribution model.

We began building our products and mission alongside healthcare professionals and will continue to align with our mission to reach as many people as possible to offer the benefits of CBD. We have seen firsthand the effects of CBD working alongside medical intervention with no negative side effects. We are proud to continue this mission through Health eLife!

This move is largely due to the ongoing limitations imposed by our legislators, social media algorithms, and banking institutions. Did you know we are strictly regulated and prohibited from ANY mention of CBD or its benefits? It’s incredibly hard to share a product when you aren’t allowed to say what it is or how it can help! 

We thank you, our customer for your loyalty and for helping us to continue this mission of helping people to find relief through CBD.

In Good Health,
Heather Hughes