Pain Management & CBD

Talking about pain can be tough.

But we need to have a conversation about it. How would you rate your pain? Where do you feel pain? What are you doing to help manage your pain? What is working? Is anything working? 

One in five Americans is dealing with chronic pain. That means daily, over twenty million people suffer with difficult-to-manage sensations in the body and in the brain. Crazy, right?!

Unfortunately, those people are also more likely to suffer anxiety and depression, poor quality of life, and social or work restrictions related to their chronic pain.

InnerG wants to improve those lives.

Helping YOU to manage pain is part of the reason why InnerG started. We saw that pain was impacting everyone trying to just do their best every day. You can’t catch a gnarly wave if you’re in pain!

We saw that pain was holding people back. We paired up with some super smart people in healthcare and did our own research on ways to naturally reduce pain. Especially during an opioid crisis! It was important to us to find a natural alternative that wouldn’t be addictive but still effective in helping you get back in the game and TAKE CONTROL.

Is CBD effective when used in pain management?

While the answer is yes, it’s not a magic bullet. It is a reliable tool that should be used to help provide additional relief.

Think about this, the source of all pain cannot always be cured. It’s just how it is. While that sucks, it allows CBD to be utilized as a tool that people with pain can use and not feel guilty about it. It’s like adding condiments to your favorite sandwich. Sometimes that sandwich is good without it, but without the mayo it’s just not the same and it would be so much better with it.

Before we get carried away and make you hungry, the most important thing to take away is this: CBD offers an effective tool to help in pain management. It’s important to know that CBD doesn’t have a toxicity level. It doesn’t have drug-to-drug interactions because CBD isn’t a drug and CBD is already made by your own brain.

Because our bodies already make CBD and already have receptors specifically for CBD, whether you are taking CBD orally or topically, your receptors throughout your body are READY to receive CBD. In other words, your body is ready to use CBD right now and any CBD you consume can help your body to reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

What’s more, CBD doesn’t conflict with supplements or medications. The body does not build a tolerance to CBD. No patient will ever become “dependent upon CBD”. Not ever! No possibility for CBD addiction issues? That’s awesome!


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Essentially, CBD is an amazing, natural, and legal tool to help people to improve pain management.

What we found is that CBD helps to intercept some of the pain-feedback-loop to relieve anxiety, depression, AND to help promote the production of endorphins: hormones that help to manage pain. In less nerdy terms, CBD can be a powerful tool that doesn’t “quick fix” pain but when used consistently, CBD does offer relief, rest, improved mood, better sleep, and can help the body heal.

We encourage you to speak with your care provider(s) about your pain. Most importantly, we encourage you to seek those that believe you in your assessment of your pain. It is incredibly important to have an assessment of your pain, to have the right support that is working with you to create a management plan, and to intercept the pain-feedback-loop to improve your pain management outcomes.



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